Wednesday, 16 February 2011

6 Alice

Today I went to karaoke with my friends!

We sang so much we had to be buy ice cream to recover afterwards.

Now we are all squished onto sofas watching a DVD of Arashi's summer concerts in Tokyo.

It so happens I was in Tokyo at the time of these concerts! It's seriously nostalgic~

Do you guys know Arashi?

They're the most famous group in Japan, right?

Me and my friends all really like them.

I'm more into rock bands, but I think most girls really love Arashi.

If you guys don't know them, you should check them out.

You should check us out too, I added a facebook link to my blog! It took my a while, but I think it works pretty well, please like our page!

The rehearsal the other day went well by the way. My choreography was kind of hilarious in the end.

There is inspsiration from all kinds of things...

Ah, I forgot to take pictures of my ears...