Sunday, 27 February 2011

11 Alice

I think these sticks are busted.

But I really like them so i keep using them anyway! It sounds dodgy, but when I'm practicing with headphones on anyway, it doesn't really matter.

Vic Firth sticks are my favourite.

I think it's time to pick our favourite Valentines Day comment today. If you haven't already, reply to our comment video here with what you did on Valentines Day!!

Cos I'm going to be reading them later.

And judging you.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

10 Alice

DEKO is doing work??

Ha ha.


Sunday, 20 February 2011

9 Alice

I remembered

to post a picture of my ear!

This is my right ear.

The big hoop through the middle is my favourite.

The zipper earring is new!

Isn't it cute?

I really should be sleeping but I don't want the weekend to be over already...

Shall I post a picture of the other ear?

Friday, 18 February 2011

8 Alice

Stalker Post.

BOKO Stalker Post.

7 Alice

Sitting with BOKO. The DEKO-BOKO Team are getting work done today.

While we work we listen to music.

I'm listening to NERO.

It's seriously awesome dubstep.

I bet you guys are curious over our music, right? Especially because all the members talk about their favourite music a lot, right?

I like loads of music.


Right now, time to get work done.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

6 Alice

Today I went to karaoke with my friends!

We sang so much we had to be buy ice cream to recover afterwards.

Now we are all squished onto sofas watching a DVD of Arashi's summer concerts in Tokyo.

It so happens I was in Tokyo at the time of these concerts! It's seriously nostalgic~

Do you guys know Arashi?

They're the most famous group in Japan, right?

Me and my friends all really like them.

I'm more into rock bands, but I think most girls really love Arashi.

If you guys don't know them, you should check them out.

You should check us out too, I added a facebook link to my blog! It took my a while, but I think it works pretty well, please like our page!

The rehearsal the other day went well by the way. My choreography was kind of hilarious in the end.

There is inspsiration from all kinds of things...

Ah, I forgot to take pictures of my ears...

5 Alice

Then we went to Ed's Diner, who do the most amazing milkshakes in the Whole. World.

And pretty freaking good chicken dippers too.

And the staff are all seriously nice.

We sat in there for ages and were too full to get up and go to dance rehearsal.

But we did because we're good girls. We both like to have pretty nails, mine are white and sparkly and very long and BOKO's are shorter but have butterflies on. She can't have really long nails because she plays bass.

4 Alice

The DEKO and BOKO team went to our favourite piercing shop yesterday.

I Have quite a lot of piercings in my ears. I didn't get any new ones though, we went for a check up on BOKO's face (teehee).

Do you wanna see the piercings in my ears?

Monday, 14 February 2011

3 Alice

This blog was only opened today but I've been posting a lot, huh?

These are my notes so far! My handwriting is messy becuase I'm dancing while I write it!

My head is full of weird stuff bouncing around, I'm going to forget which bit goes where. Oh no~

I think this dance is going to be fun.

When I finally manage to finish it enough, I'm going straight to bed.

I bet I'll forget it all while I sleep...


DEKO is so fail!!

2 Alice

I made chocolates! I'm going to give them to BOKO.

This is Late Night DEKO.

Because I am the choreographer for Secteur I'm really nervous right now. Tomorrow is the first meeting for the dance part of the new single and that means all the preparation has to be done.

I haven't done any of it.


I'm going to have to stay up and do it.

I'm gonna do a good job!!

1 Alice


This is Secteur de la petite Alice Valaunte's drummer DEKO.

Please follow my blog! I promise to post about all the cool stuff Secteur do.

Today is Valentines day.

I'm going to go make chocolates with my friends!

The picture is

Valentines DEKO.